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Welcome to LEEST - Your New Personal Organizer

by Mauricio・1505 page views

Organize. Share. Grow.

We created LEEST with the mission to help you organize and share your personal information in the best possible way.
Think of LEEST as your go-to personal repository. A place where you store, organize, share, and act on your ideas.
For example with LEEST you can: write things down, prioritize on-the-go, build new habits with AI, voice-record notes, plan shopping lists together, track expenses on the fly, share your favorite movie titles, publish a personal website, and much more…
We work with top designers and engineers to help you tackle your daily challenges using our special, and often magical leest templates.
Our friendly mobile App is easy to learn and simple to use—everything in Leest follows the same simple and intuitive list form.